Australian scientist Denis Anderson’s pursuit to save the world’s
disappearing bees. Denis discovered the deadly mite Varroa Destructor
that has decimated bees around the world, leaving Australia the only
Varroa-free country with European honeybees still living in the wild.


Director: Stefan Moore

Producers: Anna Cater, Susan MacKinnon

Executive Producer: Susan MacKinnon

Production Company: Mitra Films

Partners: National Geographic, SBS, Screen Australia, NSW Film & TV Office, Quercus Foundation, Rose Gilder, Diversicon Environment Foundation, Melbourne Community Foundation, Documentary Australia Foundation

Year of Production: 2009

Duration: 52 mins


2009 Best Local Documentary Feature, SMH Couch Potato Awards (TV Critics Award)

2010 Director’s Prize SCINEMA CSIRO Awards

2010 Earth Vision Award – Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival

2010 Finalist Eureka Prize for Science Journalism

2010 Finalist Best Documentary, Science, Technology and the Environment, ATOM Awards

2009 Honourable Mention Chris Awards – Columbus International Film Festival

2010 Blue Planet Festival

2010 Vineyard Film Festival Cyprus

2010 FIFO Tahiti International Film Festival

2010 Santa Barbara Film Festival

2009 Festival of Sustainable Development Films – ekotopfilm, Bratislava

2009 Environmental Film and Video Festival – Portugal

2009 Guangzhou Documentary Festival