MITRA FILMS | Honeybee Blues
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Honeybee blues

Australian scientist Denis Anderson’s pursuit to save the world’s

disappearing bees. Denis discovered the deadly mite Varroa Destructor

that has decimated bees around the world, leaving Australia the only

Varroa-free country with European honeybees still living in the wild.


Director: Stefan Moore

Producers: Anna Cater, Susan MacKinnon

Executive Producer: Susan MacKinnon

Production Company: Mitra Films

Partners: National Geographic, SBS, Screen Australia, NSW Film & TV Office, Quercus Foundation, Rose Gilder, Diversicon Environment Foundation, Melbourne Community Foundation, Documentary Australia Foundation

Year of Production: 2009

Duration: 52 mins


2009 Best Local Documentary Feature, SMH Couch Potato Awards (TV Critics Award)

2010 Director’s Prize SCINEMA CSIRO Awards

2010 Earth Vision Award – Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival

2010 Finalist Eureka Prize for Science Journalism

2010 Finalist Best Documentary, Science, Technology and the Environment, ATOM Awards

2009 Honourable Mention Chris Awards – Columbus International Film Festival

2010 Blue Planet Festival

2010 Vineyard Film Festival Cyprus

2010 FIFO Tahiti International Film Festival

2010 Santa Barbara Film Festival

2009 Festival of Sustainable Development Films – ekotopfilm, Bratislava

2009 Environmental Film and Video Festival – Portugal

2009 Guangzhou Documentary Festival